Networking Events

Our networking events are for members and non-members. These events are free to members and non-members unless it is otherwise noted. We meet two times a month for networking events throughout the area and we have a Showcase Business Event that is hosted by one of our members on an as needed basis. For more information on these types of events or if you are a member and would like to host an event, please go to our Showcase Business Networking Events page. We also have social events the third Saturday of every month. Check out our Social Events page for more information on these types of events.

NOTE FOR BUSINESS AFTER 5 AND SHOWCASE BUSINESS EVENT HOSTING: One of our members is offering conference room space (see photos of rooms below) to all members who would like to host an event at their locations. Please contact Jeff Jerome, Business Development Manager at Shula's Steakhouse at 239-659-3176 for his room availability and pricing. 

Please also note that you and your staff are responsible for setting up and hosting these events, including refreshments. The Naples Small Business Networking Group will help you to write the content for the event, post the event in the LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and promote it for you at no charge, but you need to handle all of the details. If you are a business owner who works from home or for whatever reason you do not have a a building, this is a great opportunity for you. All events must be approved by Becky Brooks before they can be scheduled. Please call Becky at 239-919-8341 or 407-738-8445 to schedule your event. If you become a customer of Professional Writing Services, you will receive special promotions through Becky Brooks' Social Media Services.

For a complete listing of all of our events, please go to our Upcoming Events page.

Wine Room at Shula's Steakhouse

Coach Room at Shula's Steakhouse

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